Best Free Keyword Research Tool 2022

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If you are a blogger then it is very necessary that you have a keyword research tool. In the market many tools are available , but they are costly. Today , I will tell you the best free keyword research tool through which you can easily rank on search engines.

If we go 15 and 20 years ago then only few content writers were available on google , but nowadays bloggers are coming like a crowd in a local train. In this way google confused which website is good and which is poor. Google starts ranking the websites who have better keyword placement and also have quality content.

Keywords no doubt play a very important role to rank , but keywords are not everything. You need to work according to search engines terms and conditions .

Ok , leave everything just focus on keyword research tools. If you do not have an idea for what people are searching on the internet then you can not rank yourself on google. These queries are called keywords.

Are you excited ? Let us start exploring these free keyword research tools.

Best free Keyword Research Tool For SEO

It is very necessary to optimise your website for search engine ranking , for this you have to do proper SEO. Keyword is a part of SEO strategy so proper keyword research can make your website reach high. Today companies are hiring SEO experts to increase their websites reach.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Free keyword research tools are very demanding today, because everyone can not take subscriptions to paid keyword research tools like Ahref , Semrush & Ubersuggest.

These are the best free keyword research tools by which you can rank easily on google.

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Tool Dominator
  • Soovle
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • A Href Free Keyword Research Tool
  • Semrush Keyword Magic Tool
  • Question DB
  • Keywords
  • Keyword Sheeter
  • Answer The Public
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Ubersuggest
  • Question Hub

Google Keyword Planner

It is a completely free keyword research tool offered by google. If you want to use this tool , then you have to sign up on google ads account , in this account you will see tools and setting options.

When you click on that you will get a Pop up where you will get a Planning Section , this section has four subparts which is Performance Planner , Keyword Planner , Reach Planner & Ad Preview and Diagnosis.

In these sections you have to click on Keyword Planner , after that you see two important sections.

  • Discover New Keywords
  • Get Search Volume And Forecasts

Discover New Keywords

This section provides you keywords which are recently searched. In this you can get volume analysis and also keyword difficulty analysis for free. Here you can download keywords and also you can share with someone else.

Get Search volume And Forecasts

This section shows an idea about keywords in the future. These keywords may be and may not work , this is totally dependent on the search engine. Keyword planning helps you to know the future queries of people.

Google is a powerful search engine so it is fair to say that you can get ranking keywords for free. If you do not have any idea about these sections then you should go “discover new keywords” , it is best for keyword analysis and also used by 90% of people on google keyword planner.

This is also a new free keyword research tool, where you will get complete analysis for your keyword . In this tool you will get volume of keywords , similar keywords ( latent semantic keywords ) , search difficulty and ranking score.

Word tracker makes your keyword analysis easy and delivers you the best possible keywords for your ranking. In this tool you can edit keywords according to your need. You can include specific keywords and also you can exclude keywords if they are not fit for you.


If you want a keyword related to “Burger shop in pune ” since these tools have data all over the world so here you can exclude the cities other than pune and also you can include locations and shops in pune only. This feature makes our keyword research easy and effective.

This tool is available for free and paid for both. If you want to use paid then you need to pay only $27/month. I am very comfortable with its free version but if you use paid then you will definitely get some extra features.

Google Trends

This tool gives you complete analysis for a keyword. In this you can get information like how a keyword is performing in a specific country and also what is its current search volume. This tool gives you better keyword analysis because it is a real time keyword analysis tool.

When you go to google trends then first you need to select the country where you want to find your keyword , after that you need to select the time interval. Now you see the magic of this tool , you will get a complete analysis of that keyword in that particular time.

This tool also gives you trending keywords all over the world.

Keyword planner and Google trends are the two best google free keyword research tools , which are free and also very easy to use.

Keyword Tool Dominator

This free keyword research tool is best for Bloggers and Affiliate marketers. In this tool you will get your keyword for Google , YouTube , Amazon , eBay , Etsy , Walmart and Bing search.

This is also the best long tail keyword finder tool where you get thousands of popular keywords which are recently searched on the internet. This tool works on popularity scores ( numbers in 100 ) , if keywords have numbers near to 100 then those are popular and highly searched keywords in search engines.

In this free keyword research tool you can filter your keywords according to your need , it means you can include and exclude words in your keywords.


If you are looking for a free keyword research tool for SEO then you are at the right place. Soovle gives you keywords from popular websites like Google , YouTube , Bing , Yahoo , & Amazon. You know that they are the most searched platforms and thus you will get high ranked keywords here.

Soovle is a completely free keyword research tool , you do not have to pay even a single dollar. It is an insta keyword generator tool which generates keywords very fast by analysing 15 top ranked websites.

Moz Keyword Explorer

This is again the best free keyword research tool which gives you keywords in organised form. Moz artificial intelligence easily detects what people are actually looking for. This keyword research tool saves your time and money for getting high volume and low competition keywords.

Moz tool is not a free keyword research tool but you will get a free trial subscription of Moz tool. In free subscription you will get 10 campaigns analysis everyday , you can track 10 different sites and 3 competitors every campaign.

Moz free subscription keyword research tool gives you the access of keyword explorer and link explorer.

A Href Free Keyword Research Tool

Guys , If you are looking for a great keyword research tool then you must go with a href tool. In the free subscription of ahref keyword research tool you will get access to a few features only. For free you can not get CPC bid , more related keywords ( LSI ) , unable to download keywords.

If you use a free keyword research tool then you will get limited keywords only.

A Href provides good features and analysis about keywords when you use a pro tool. If you want to test this tool then you can go for a 7 days trial and you have to pay only 7$.

I am suggesting you , if your business idea is at initial level and you can not pay money go through only free keyword research tools. When your business grows you can take a subscription of these popular keyword research tools.

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

It is also the best free keyword research tool. But wait this is not for lifetime , you can use semrush free for 7 days only. After 7 days you have to pay for rest keyword research.

Semrush is an overall good keyword research tool which gives you analysis of keywords and also makes your planning to write articles over that keyword. The keyword magic tool is very attractive and has good results for ranking keywords.

I used a href and semrush both but if you use a free subscription of these tools then you will not get aggressive results. They both provide you limited keywords and also limited analysis.

Question DB

People ask many questions on the internet related to their query. If you add the questions with your article then it looks like you are very aware of your audience query.

Google search engine also considers question answers web articles first. It denotes that this article is giving complete analysis for customers’ query.

If you want to optimise your article according to the search engine then you must add a question feature. To add keywords in question it is necessary that you use a popular real time question finding tool.

Question DB provides real time questions asked by peoples and also provides you keywords in that.

Keywords Free Keyword Research Tool

You are all aware of Reddit which is a social media platform. Keywords It provides you keywords from reddit source . This is the best keyword research tool for digital business.

If you are running your business all around the world then you can use this tool for free.

Keywords It comes with special features like more keyword ideas , real time keywords from reddit and also you will get context for your keywords.

This is again a free keyword research tool where you do not have to pay any amount for your ranking keywords.

Keyword Shitter

This is an amazing keyword research tool. It continuously displays the keywords until you stop the engine. If you are looking for the best free keyword research tool then you can go through keyword shitter.

In this tool you will get a filter section where you can add words which you do not want to include in your keywords. This tool is a perfect combination of questions which are asked by people in search engines.

You can download keywords in your pc for further use.

Answer The Public

This is a free keyword research tool in the form of a question answer. If you want to add questions on your website then you can get a real time query of people here.

This tool gives you keywords in well format like , if you want to add a question that starts with who then you get all keywords starting with who. Now you can add more question prefix words to generate the best possible keywords for your business.

Answer the public is a completely free keyword research tool . If you want to use some extra features of this tool then you can go through paid subscription or answer the public tool.

Keyword Surfer

If you are looking for the best keyword research tool with chrome extension then keyword surfer is the best tool. This tool gives you the complete analysis for the query and also you can access free keywords in your google search interface.

Keyword surfer is a real time keyword generator tool and it is completely free. You can find the best Latent Semantic Keywords ( LSI) through this tool.

Keyword surfer also improves your content uniqueness and creates relevancy in customers’ query. So for best keyword research and fast growth you can choose this keyword research tool.


This is a famous free keyword research tool. I personally recommend to all of you that go through this keyword research tool. You will get the right keyword for your business without paying any cost.

Ubersuggest gives complete analysis for a specific keyword and also provides you with questions related to that keyword. This is a perfect combo for your article optimization and you can rank easily in your business niche.

This keyword research tool is free for three keyword analysis everyday. If you want to access complete features of Ubersuggest then you have to pay only a few dollars.

If you are a small business ( Individual ) then you have to pay $12/month and $120 for lifetime.

If you are any standard business then you have to pay $200 for lifetime access to UberSuggest and $20/month.

If you are any agency and at enterprise level then $40/ month and for lifetime access you have to pay $400.

I think it is very cheap compared to Semrush and Ahref. If you are looking for the best and cheapest keyword research tool then Ubersuggest is the best choice for you. Otherwise you can use a free version of this tool.

Ubersuggest is run by Neil Patel who is a United Nations citizen , he is SEO expert and successfully runs many businesses online. If you buy this subscription then you will get an SEO strategy with Neil Patel.

If you want to rank on google first page then you need to focus on long tail keywords only. In this methodology you need to note that these keywords must have high search volume and low competition.

If you are looking for the best long tail free keyword research tool then you can go through , this is the best keyword research tool which gives you perfect analysis for real time keywords.

You can also use the chrome extension of and get your ranking keywords at your google interface. I personally recommend this tool for long tail keywords only.

If you are a beginner and have no idea about content writing and keyword analysis then go through this tool. makes your site highly optimised and you will get results once you index in google search engine.

Question Hub

This is not a keyword research tool but here you will get real time query of people. Question hub gives you information about what people are looking for in a specific keyword.


If you search “best free keyword research tool “in question hub then you will get a query of people related to this keyword. What people are asking is our main keyword so google is the best tool for keyword analysis.

In the question hub you can also submit your article url for a specific keyword. If you are going to submit your article make sure that article is unique and user friendly.

When you solve a query of people according to the question hub and submit your article url then your ranking will be increased by google search engine. So question hub is the best free keyword research tool for everyone.

This tool is completely free and can be accessed anytime anywhere from your pc or android.


If you are looking for the best free keyword research tool then you can go through the above listed tools. As we know that anything which is free is not enough for growth.

If you go through a paid subscription of these best free keyword research tools then you will get awesome results.

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If you have any query in this “best free keyword research tool” then plz let me know in the comment section.  

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