How To Bypass The Google Lock On Motorola Phones

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The lock screen on your Motorola phone displays the Google logo, which prevents you from opening any other apps unless you sign in to your Google account. If you’d prefer not to use Google, or if you’re tired of seeing this screen all the time, there are ways to bypass google lock on motorola and get rid of that pesky logo.

You don’t even have to root your phone! Here’s how to bypass the Google lock screen on Motorola phones and unlock your device, using either built-in features or third-party apps.

Motorola phones have the option to lock down their phones to work only with Google services such as Google Maps, Google Drive, and Gmail. If you want to use other apps on your phone that are not compatible with Google services or if you want to choose which service(s) you use and which ones you don’t, then you’ll need to learn how to bypass the Google lock on Motorola phones.

The following guide will show you how this is done.

Step 1: Removing Verizon Root

There are a few different ways to bypass google verification but this guide will go through how to bypass google verification on motorola phone. Rooted users can use ‘Remove Google Account Verification’ in SuperSU, unrooted users can use ‘PwnMyMoto’, which is an app that requires you have root access or not rooted at all and also have TWRP installed.

When using PwnMyMoto select Use tools/utilities and press back and go into Settings–>Security–>Verify Apps (you don’t need SuperSU for this). This will stop the phone from checking with Google Play Services every time you install an application!

Step 2: Unlocking using Fastboot commands

To bypass a google verification screen, one must first boot their phone into Fastboot mode by pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power buttons together for 10 seconds. Then, after your phone has booted into Fastboot mode, enter these commands: fastboot oem unlock followed by fastboot reboot.

After you have rebooted your device, you will see a ‘Google’ logo with an unlocked padlock below it. You can now remove the factory data reset protection!

Step 3: Rebooting into Android

  1. Turn off your phone
  2. Press and hold Volume Up and Power at the same time until you see a message that says Booting into Safe Mode (keep holding Volume Up and Power)
  3. Release all buttons when you see Safe Mode show up on the screen
  4. When you’re in Safe Mode, select English and press Done
  5. You should now be in an Android environment
  6. Enable Developer options by going to Settings > About Phone > Software information > More
  7. Find Build number
  8. Tap on Build number repeatedly until it says You are now a developer!

Step 4: Installing TWRP Recovery

To bypass google’s verification, you will need a computer and an Android phone. The following steps assume that you have installed ADB drivers onto your computer and that the adb folder is in your C:/ drive. For example: C:/adb/

1) Plug in your android phone into your computer via USB cable

2) Open up a command prompt (i.e. by holding shift and right-clicking)

3) Type adb devices

4) If it says List of devices attached then continue with Step 5, otherwise restart at Step 1.

5) Type adb reboot bootloader

6) Once your phone has booted into bootloader mode, type fastboot oem unlock and hit enter. Now choose yes if it asks for permission to unlock bootloader.

Step 5 (optional): Flashing a custom ROM

You can bypass google verification on motorola by flashing a custom ROM onto your phone. This is what you need:

1) root access,
2) Custom Recovery Image,
3) Custom ROM file.

Here’s how you do it:

download custom ROM and save it in your SD card (remember where!), turn off device and enter into recovery mode (volume down + power button), select install from SD card, find and choose the desired file, select yes when asked about installing this as new system software.

*The risk of messing up your phone through these procedures is always present so make sure that you have backed up everything first.

*Once this process has been completed you will have bypassed google lock on motorola or bypassed google verification on motorola!

Step 6 (optional): Adding your Google account

After unlocking your phone, you’ll need to add your Google account. To do this:

  • Go to Settings > Account Info > Add Account and select Google or Gmail.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Select Next after entering credentials.
  • Choose what information you want synced with your account, such as Calendar, Contacts, Gmail messages, and more.
  • You can also sign in with a different email address (for example, if you have a personal account and a work one).
  • When finished adding an email address, tap Done.


How do you bypass google lock on a motorola ke40

The easiest way to bypass google verification on a Motorola K40 is to do what is called a Factory Reset. This will wipe your phone clean of all personal data, but it will not void the warranty. If you want to keep any data that you have saved on your phone, then make sure you back it up before doing this!

Backing up can be done by going to Settings > Backup and reset > Back up my data.

How do i bypass google lock on a motorola g6

This is how you bypass the google lock on a motorola phone:

-Download an app like SuperUser or Root Call Blocker to your phone.
-Install it, open it up, and allow it permissions.
-Open up your security settings, then go into Accounts.
-Scroll down and select Add Account.
-Type in your email account information, password and name. -Then, type in the verification code that is sent to your email address.
-Next, go back to your home screen and click on Settings.
-Select Location Services followed by Location Access and change it from High Accuracy to Battery Saving Mode. -Go back to your Settings menu and scroll down until you find the Security option.
-Tap on Screen Lock and select None. You’ll be asked for a new PIN for locking your device, so make sure it’s secure!

How do i bypass google lock on a motorola gk40

Motorola GK40 is a locked phone from google. This means that you cannot use it without verifying your google account before using it.

The only way to bypass this verification process is by unlocking the bootloader of your device. First, you will need a computer and an android device with USB debugging enabled.

Connect both devices and open up a command window in Windows or Terminal in Mac OS X. Then, type adb reboot-bootloader on your computer keyboard and press enter. Now, wait for a few seconds until your phone has completely restarted.

Type fastboot oem unlock on the computer and hit enter. Your bootloader will now be unlocked which means you can bypass google lock on motorola phone without having to verify anything!

How do you bypass google lock on a motorola g7 supra

To get around this issue, you will need to turn off your phone and turn it back on again. Once it has been turned back on and is fully functional, you will want to go into your settings by clicking the button in the bottom left corner of your screen.

From there, scroll down until you find Google Services Framework. Next, tap Clear Data and then tap Clear Cache. After that, reboot your phone one last time and enter your password for google before signing in.

Bypass google lock on motorola without pc

I am not sure if this will work, but try a hard reset. Hold the power button and volume down key. If that doesn’t work, then you need to perform a factory reset. Make sure you back up all your data before performing either of these actions.


It is possible for someone with a locked motorola phone to bypass google verification and get their data back. I found this out by doing some research on how to bypass google verification on motorola phones, and there are three ways that you can do this.

One way is by using ADB and fastboot, the other is by using an engineering bootloader, or you could just unlock your phone. You may have been wondering how you can unlock your phone when it is locked to a specific carrier.

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