How To Start Blogging In 2022

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If you are passionate about writing and explaining something then you can join blogging as a career. This is a very demanding career and also becomes very challenging day by day. How to start blogging , it is a very simple question but implementation is really hard.

Many people start a blog , just by influence of someone else’s success in this field. I personally do not recommend such an attitude to do something. If you have your unique idea and people are looking for that then you can definitely make a huge amount of money through blogging.

Blogging is a place where you are free to share your information and ultimately make some good money. Starting a blogging career leads to a passive income ( make money while you are sleeping ) which will multiply every year or month according to your performance.

I am not going to motivate you about blogging , but will definitely try to reveal every secret of blogging. I am completely sure that when you complete this article you will be a pro blogger.

Today blogging for beginners is going to be tough because nowadays Google tries to rank only authentic websites. Authentic websites means , website who has quality information and all information is written by experts. New google algorithm update says that google is working on the E-A-T formula , where E stands for expertise , A stands for authority and T stands for trust.

If you want to know that , how many days will it take to rank my website in a search engine? I will honestly reply that you can rank even after 10 to 12 articles with a good quality score.

Sometimes you see that many people become successful in only a few days. They do blogging according to google algorithms. We will discuss later about google algorithms but let us discuss how you can start a blog .

How To Start Blogging ?

It is very simple to start blogging. I am going to share with you some checklists which will definitely help you to start a blog. Blogging for beginners is not easy because they make many mistakes such as right domain picking , SEO , Backlink and also many factors which are responsible for ranking a website.

how to start blogginghow to start blogging

Before starting a blog you need to ask yourself whether you are ready to pay some money or not ? I am asking this question because you are going to learn both “how to start a blog for free ” and ” how to start a blog on WordPress” . It completely depends on your choice.

It is found that Google ranks a WordPress website first compared to a free website. But proper SEO and quality information makes a website rank on google. If you see the New York Times then it is totally built with the WordPress platform. Let us discuss how to start blogging on WordPress ? After that we will also discuss how you can start your blogging for free.

How To Start Blogging On WordPress ?

If you want to start blogging on WordPress then you need to complete these steps to become a pro blogger. These are the pillars for your blogging journey in which your whole website is going to launch.

Pick a right domain name for your business

Choose best Hosting company to live your website

Connect your domain and hosting

Install WordPress

Make necessary Pages for your website

Install useful plugins

Install a good looking & WordPress friendly theme

Make Search Console ( google webmaster account )

Make google analytics account

Social media awareness

Domain Name Selection For Business

If your business name is unique and easy to remember , then it is very easy to find your business in between lakhs of websites. If you want to buy a domain online then you can go through GoDaddy , Name cheap and Big Rock. These are the best and most popular domain name sellers worldwide.

Sometimes it happens that our selected domain name is taken by someone else , so you do not need to worry about it, just go to the lean domain name website , it shows you the best possible available domain name for your business.

I recommend you to buy domain names only through GoDaddy and Name cheap. They are best because you can sell your business name whenever you want , and best of all that they provide this offer completely free and with advanced systems.

Once you select your domain name you need to checkout , when everything is done then you are ready to go for the next step i.e, selecting a hosting company.

Best Hosting For WordPress

If you are going to launch your website on WordPress then the best hosting company is Bluehost. It is not said by me alone but WordPress also recommends Bluehost for every beginner and advanced level blogger.

Bluehost Features

It provides you 3 levels of website development . If you are a beginner then you can go for “Bluehost Basic Plan ” . This plan includes single website integration and one year domain free registration ( 1399 / year ). It comes with many more features for more information you can check here.

If your business is at intermediate level then you can go through “Bluehost Plus Plan ” this plan includes unlimited website integration and unlimited bandwidth , SSD storage , Sub domains with one year free domain registration worth 1399/year.

If your business is running with high data storage and has many visitors per month then you need to go with “Bluehost Choice Plus Plan ” which also includes unlimited websites , bandwidth , SSD storage , Sub domains and one year free domain registration.

Why Is Bluehost Best ?

You will get your website resource protection.

Any time you want to upgrade your plan , you can do it just in one single click.

You will get a lifetime free SSL certificate.

When you buy any plan then you can easily install your WordPress in just one single click.

In the Bluehost advance system you will get a multi server management system.

You will get access control of your website.

You will get cloud flare for free which increases your website performance.

You will get more features such as domain privacy , sitelock , codeguard , spam protection & unique IPs.

Connect Your Domain & Hosting

If you are buying domain and hosting from two different platforms, then you need to connect these to live your website. To connect domain and hosting you need to change the Domain Name Server ( DNS ) of your domain providing company.

How To Start Blogging How to connect domain and hosting in WordPress

In the case when you buy your domain and hosting from the same company then you do not need to integrate them.

How To Connect Domain Name With Hosting ?

first login your Bluehost account , then go to the domain option just showing the right corner.

After this you need to click on your domain manager system , finally you see your DNS .

Copy this DNS and paste it to your domain providing company.

It will take about 24 hours to connect your domain with hosting.

Install WordPress In Bluehost

To install WordPress in Bluehost is very easy and simple.

Login to your Bluehost account .

Click on the My Sites option in the right side of the menu.

Now click Create Website.

Enter your site name and tagline of your website.

In advance settings you can change your email address and username password .

Select the domain name and click install to WordPress.

Make Necessary Pages In WordPress

Once you install your WordPress , then you can access your dashboard. In WordPress it is essential to make your necessary pages.

You need to make Privacy Policy , Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer pages at mandatory level. These pages show the authenticity of your website in front of google.

You need not to write more contents related to these pages , you can easily copy paste it . Just visit any YouTube platform and many bloggers give these pages for free. You have to change your business name only.

After these pages you can also create some extra pages like Contact Us , Home and any product related pages. Pages make your website beautiful and also convenient for the users to land at the right place.

Install The Useful Plugins

When you make your website ready to launch then you need to install some important plugins. These plugins help your website to rank easily in google search engine.

List Of Best WordPress Plugins

1 – WP Forms :- This plugin helps you to create a user -friendly contact form for WordPress.

2 – All In One SEO :- This plugin is very helpful for SEO purposes and it is used by more than 3 million people.

3 – WP Rocket : – This plugin can instantly improve WordPress speed.

4 – Push One Notification : – This plugin helps you to increase your subscription.

5 – Search WP :- This plugin helps to improve your website search result.

6 – Live Chat Plugin :- It is best for live chat support.

7 – Insert Header And Footers :- This plugin is best for inserting code snippets.

8 – Yoast SEO :- This is the best plugin for SEO optimization.

9 – Redirection :- This plugin helps you to redirect 404 error urls.

10 – Site Kit :- This plugin is offered by google in which you can easily see your analytics and search console data without logging in.

WordPress Theme Installation

It is very necessary to install lightweight WordPress themes. If you use a bulky theme then it slows down your website speed. If you want to use lightweight and catchy WordPress themes then you can go through these two best WordPress Themes.

1 – Generate Press

2 – Colour Mag

3 – DIVI

4 – Astra

5 – Authority Pro

Many other themes are also available but these are the best WordPress themes for beginners. When you update your website then you can change your theme respectively.

Google Search Console Account

This tool basically makes communication between robots and website pages. In this tool you can examine your website status and also any errors. This account is very useful to check performance of websites and also ranking keywords.

You can easily make a Google Search Console account.

First go to Google Search Console page.

You will see two options , in first you have to submit your domain and in second you can submit your sub domain.

Once you submit your domain name then google verifies your domain name and then gives you a code.

This code is important to upload in the header section of WordPress.

Once you install code then your Google Search Console account is ready to show performance.

Google Analytics Account

This account shows the relationship between the audience and the website. When any audience opens your website then this tool navigates you to what the user is looking for .

Google Analytics account is very important because here you can find your audience interest and behaviour analysis. It is very simple and easy to make a google analytics account.

First visit to Google Analytics page.

After that you need to make an account . In a single account multiple properties can be made.

Create your property name and fill details.

Now you have to fill in the business details like how many employees you have and what is the size of your business.

When you make your account and property then you find a universal code.

You can also use Global Site Tag to upload it in your header section.

how to start blogging

Once you upload this global tag in your WordPress then this tool starts showing results.

Sometimes it will take 24 hours to reflect the action happening on the website.

Social Media Awareness

This is again a very important factor for improving your website presence. If you are active on multiple social media platforms then you can easily reach out to your target customers.

Social media can be the best way to increase your reach worldwide. Social media awareness can also improve your domain authority. I am going to share with you the best social media platforms for your website presence.

1 – Facebook Page

We all have Facebook accounts . If you visit Facebook then you are either a businessman or a free man who is just going for fun. I really recommend you to make your Facebook account only for business purposes.

If you want to grow fast then make your Facebook page account only related to your business , it means if you want to run a personal loan business then you have to make your page related to personal loan. When this page is created then you need to be active for the first six month, till you get a high volume of group peoples.

There are many smart ways through which you can increase your Facebook page engagement fast. You can do paid advertisements for your page , Facebook ads are very simple for page promotion.

When you get people related to your business then you can promote your product ideas in your group. Now people trust you and they definitely go to your website and learn your ideas. In this way you can increase engagement in both your website as well as in your Facebook group.

2 – Instagram Account

It is necessary to connect Instagram and Facebook accounts to each other. You can not run your advertisement on your Instagram account directly.

If you have your Personal Instagram Account then you need to convert this into a professional account. Professional account is more attractive and comes with more customization.

Instagram is best for reels and business posting. People easily engage and increase your reach with massive people.

I personally believe that people who visit Instagram and Facebook are only for entertainment purposes. If your business is related to stylish products then you can easily increase your business revenue.

3 – Twitter

Twitter is very authentic platform for your business. In this media every popular celebrity and Politicians are available. If you want to promote your website then you can tag trending topics in twitter and give proper hashtag to increase your reach.

Twitter is best for direct communication with company CEOs. If you have any problem related to any company like Amazon , Flipkart , Ola and TCS any company you can directly say your query here.

If you want to increase your reach on twitter then you can run twitter advertisements. In twitter your organic reach is high and when you run ads then your reach boosts very fast.

4 – LinkedIn

It is also a professional platform where you will get targeted customers. If your business is related to education then you can run LinkedIn ads and also can do organic marketing.

In this platform company CEOs , HR , Manager and many popular personalities are available to see your business. This is best for job business.

Often people visit LinkedIn only for job opportunities. If you run your fashion business on LinkedIn then your conversion might be low.

5 – Reddit

This is to gain the best social media platform to promote your blog or product. This media is not an Indian company but many Indians are available on this platform. I use reddit to share my personal blog and website information and I get huge traffic from this social media platform.

Reddit is a foreign social media platform , so you can reach your business website to millions of people easily.

If you are a blogger then you must share your article over reddit , because CPC ( cost per click ) in foreign countries is higher than in our country.

These are the best social media platforms which I discussed with you. There are hundreds of popular social media platforms available on the internet. If you make more social media accounts then you can increase your reach fast.

This is a complete pillar for your paid blogging , after this complete setup you need to share articles continuously on your website. Once your website will live then you can apply for Google AdSense and start making money.

Let us know how to start blogging for free. I think most of you are waiting for this information.

How To Start Blogging For Free ?

If you are a beginner and want to test yourself for blogging then starting a blog for free is the best idea for you. There are many websites available who provide you hosting space and give you easy customization for your website.

Today , I will tell you about two popular free blog websites which are used by millions of people all around the world.

If you are thinking that , this is good to start a blog for free , so yes it is good and also you can monetize your free blog with google AdSense. We will discuss the difference between free and paid blogs later. Let us discuss the free blog sites.

1 – Blogger

If you are looking for ad revenue with your website , then this is the best website where you can start a blog for free. Blogger is a very old website that comes with many customizations.

If you want to start a blog for free in blogger then you need to make an account in blogger. After that you have to choose your name or website and select popular available blogger themes.

There are hundreds of themes available in blogger and you can pick anyone for your website.

  • If you want to seriously start a business then buy a domain name from any company. If you go through the blogger domain then your business is not identified by the people and you lose your customers.
  • Blogger allows you space for your Google Ads placement.
  • You can start your business completely free of cost as a blogger.

Blogger also gives you a website migration opportunity , you can easily migrate to when you start getting results from your website. It means it is a completely user-friendly website creation tool.

If you do not have any idea “how to start a blog for free” then you can start with a blogger.

2 – Wix

This is the second best platform to start a blog for free. If you go through this then you get more customization options.

I will tell you about myself. When I started my blogging journey, was my first choice. I also watched many YouTube videos related to that and got good advice from pro bloggers.

If you want to make your website just by drag and drop then you can go through , this is a perfect website for new bloggers and they can also place AdSense ads in the editor.

You will get more popular themes in and you can make your website in just a few minutes.

If you want to start with , again I will suggest that you buy a domain name and then start your blogging journey.

Why Domain Name Is Important ?

Domain name is your business name , if you are not telling your visitors about your business then how they visit again to your website.

Domain name brings business monopoly. If your domain name is unique then you can do brand marketing like Amazon , Flipkart , Zomato and Swiggy.

If you see the above companies they are not related to any specific product , like Amazon not denoting any clothes or electronic gadgets but everything is available on Amazon.

I know that you have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video . In this way Amazon does brand marketing just like this every company does brand marketing.

Your domain name is your identity , so make your domain name very small and easily memorable.

If you are a blogger then before choosing any domain name check these points.

  • Make sure your domain name is in two words only.
  • Use top level extensions like .com , .in , .net and
  • If you are a blogger then select a domain name which points to your product.
  • Do not use similar domain names to resemble other popular websites.

So these are the main checklist before choosing a domain name. It will update according to time so visit again for a new update.

You can start your blogging journey just by following these steps and you become a pro blogger after some time. I am very sure that you follow these steps and earn money for your content.

Blogging is all about content marketing so you have to upload content every day and update your content on a regular basis.


Today you learned how to start blogging and also how to start blogging for free. These blogging ideas which I shared with you are very important for you.

Starting a blog is not the last step but this is your first step , after that you need to work on your content writing skills and keyword research. If you are a beginner blogger then you do not have enough money to spend on keyword research tools like Ahref ( $100/month ) and Semrush ( $120/month ).

I already published my article “free keyword research tools ” . In this article you will learn about complete detail and practical analysis of keyword research tools.

If you feel this article “How to start blogging ” and “How to start blogging for free ” are useful then do not forget to share this in your social media like Facebook , Twitter & Instagram .

If you have any problem related to blogging then you can ask me in the comment section , I will definitely reply to all your questions.

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