Dave Mustaine, the Megadeth leader, has reflected on Marty Friedman's departure

As he left thrash metal band Megadeth in 2000

I've always believed that we should give the guitarist an opportunity to 

Play a solo that he feels is appropriate to the song, and he starts 

If I did not allow the guitarist to play a solo that he feels is appropriate to the song then I might make some suggestions 

If it's a struggle to play his or her solo, then maybe I'll say, You can start wherever you want

Mustaine states that Friedman penned and recorded a solo for Breadline

But Megadeth management decided that the track should have a chorus, and wanted to release it as a single

Mustaine was questioned about whether he could have replied that it was not the case he requested his band to split up

He was in partnership with Marty for many years, and you know that he was upset and had had enough