Besides unaired and disappearing content, there have been a lot of complaints about HBO Max streaming apps

That launched as they ve had several content and family-friendly films

Even so, they have generally upheld well under the strain caused by the release of such titles as Telt, Wonder Woman

The Matrix, and Westworld for HBO, except for that of Game of Thrones, there may be nothing like that has come out

Tonight's debut of the show s spinoff, House of the Dragon, is the first taste of a new off

The cuff experience inside HBO Max's new GOT season, and while many people attempting to stream the premiere episode

Are able to do so without difficulty, others reported that the app broke down on them, froze

Based on reports on Twitter, Reddit, and elsewhere

It seems like the majority of people are having issues using an Amazon Fire TV device or a Fire Stick

There isn t a comment as to why this platform is for dealing with them, but it may be due to users being unable to watch the event

If so, you should search other options if this is not possible