The 2014 remake of this Austrian film is called a coward's shirt

The horror movie follows two real brothers, played by real-life brothers 

Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti who visited their mother after work

However, it quickly becomes clear something isn't right with her

Veronica Franz and Severin Fiala originally wrote and directed Veronika Franz's 2014 film 

Which followed the same plot and was the Austrian entry for best foreign language 

Film at the 88th Academy Awards but ultimately was not nominated 

Veronika Franz later brought some other Austrian remade 

French horror movie to American viewers in 2018 with Goodnight Mommy 

Kyle Warren, whose credits include the scripts for the Lethal Weapon series and 

The Mysteries of Laura, created the film in collaboration with Animal Kingdom and Playtime

Amazon Studios produced the film in conjunction with David Kaplan

Joshua Astrachan, Valery Guibal, and Nicolas Brigaud-Robert as the producers