Tom Cruise's blockbuster "Top Gun Maverick" has had the best box office performance this year

With the feature film still playing in movie theatres and even yet 

Continuing to be the most profitable project of its director 

It is now the home theatrical version of the motion picture

With a digital release set for August 23, right ahead of the upcoming football season

Top Gun Maverick's success is extra fitting as regards to an underappreciated 

Reason for Greg Tarzan Davis's success as the F-18 pilot Lt

Javy Coyote Machado, according to one of the film's co-stars Patrick Tomcat Kidman

Davis, who played the TOPGUN pilot Lt

Javy Coyote Machado is a former NFL running back from Edna Karr Senior High School

Davis recently visited CBS Sports for a business plan interview 

He spoke about the trials and tribulations he's faced

how he became fascinated with the true story of the Top Gun Maverick 

And where he is planning to direct his career in the future